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YourStory: Heroine BexakkA

On the evening of May 14, 1968, the expansive presence of our heroine BexakkA enters the zone of life on Planet Earth via Bozeman, Montana. Her mission? To clear her karmic debt and ascend! Of course, this is forgotten during passage through the birth canal. On her journey to remembering this birthright, she is surrounded by the everlasting love of her parents, family, and friends. Her first awakening occurs on a summer vacation to the Reddig Farm in northeastern Montana, when she finds herself all alone at sunset, sitting on top of an old combine in the junkyard. The sight of a dead fox down below snaps her out of the moment; she runs back to the house and into to the embrace of her Grandma Martha.

Sound and movement are strong forces for her, and these practices provide many moments of presence as she grows toward adulthood. Self-esteem issues plague her, but she finds ways to rise above them again and again. Unfortunately, some of her methods, along with her genetic make-up, create long-standing addictive patterns…deep grooves in the psyche. However, these are all released in their own time. Her life experiences are grist for the mill of understanding, and because of them she is able to bear witness to the unique journey of other beings with deep compassion. She finds that gratitude is her portal for cultivating balance, feeding self-love, and manifesting vision. Her superpowers include uniting people, clarity, patience, feng shui, clairaudience, levitation, humor, and beauty.

Water is Life * Trust Creates Peace * Anything is Possible


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