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Your Life Story

Your Life Story: Do you relate to it from fear or from your Genius Self?
by Medea Bavarella Chechik

I realize that in the past, the events of my life story, have always emerged from a vast, deep-seated layer of FEAR, this I learned from others!
As I have been willing to descend deeper and deeper to meet this fear (especially when I had to face the deepest fear of all…the death of my beloved son).
Through my inner “conscious travels” I eventually came to understand and experienced that fear is “nothingness.” It is a thin veil, in our consciousness, that separates us from the ever present reality of Truth! As I have allowed myself to get closer and closer to this fear…I have penetrated the veil and…experienced…a vast, profound, immense (beyond words) space of sweet L O V E, Grace and Joy…yes, Joy!
I recognize this as the Feminine Genius in me.My life story, as painful as it has been, it has also been the catalyst to my own awakening, freedom and empowerment!
Lead with gracious courage…the Feminine Genius within you…you will find your-Self!

Image artist: Josephine Wall Leo


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