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Tell Your Story Of Transformation




Join us on May 27th 2012 for our first HerStory Evolves event: “Tell Your Story Of Transformation” .

On May 27th, between 1pm and 5pm, we will meet on a gorgeous horse farm just outside of Toronto, in King City, for our first HerStory Evolves gathering. Here we will share our stories from the perspective and intention of finding the meaning in it that aligns with our soul, in such a way to catalyze our development into empowered women of wisdom, while also manifesting and developing our larger destiny.

Some inquiring questions for you to consider as guidelines:

  • How has your story impacted your life?
  • What is the higher purpose and meaning of your story?
  • What are the resulted lessons and gifts?
  • How has your story empowered and moved you into a deepened inner experience?
  • How has your story helped you open your heart and deepen your capacity to love and be loved?

DATE: May 27-2012

TIME: 1pm to 5pm

LOCATION: King City, Ontario

For more detailed information, please contact Medea directly.

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