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By Medea Bavarella Chechik

Embodying love, grace energy, compassion and kindness…
as I know this is who I AM, who WE ARE!
It is what I extend to myself and others!
I come to you with a clear heart and straight eyes…
I come from truth!
I extend love to those who act out of fear and unconscious awareness…
they are also on the journey of awakening!
I humbly say…if you want to join the emergence of a new, true consciousness of love,
peace, beauty and unity…place more emphasis on embodying these qualities,
you will then become that!
You can see this now outside of you…in others…in the world.
As what we see outside of ourselves is a reflection of who we are…being in the moment!
Love and forgive what is covertly old and outdated in your mind and heart…
it is not real!
YOU can gently let it go!
Let your spirit reveal itself without shame…with love, as love is who YOU are,
It is the most potent, creative force in the universe!
See the world through the eyes of love…and you will “ATTRACT” that to YOU…
and all your dreams waiting to be born!
L O V E,
Medea ♥

Image artist: Freydon Rassouli


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