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YourStory: Freya and the Nature of Reality

Story by Gabrielle Holmefjord

Freya had long golden hair, blue eyes and a lovely smile. She was a happy girl who was curious about life.

Freya loved adventure. She also loved mountains, especially the quiet, open space beneath the tall pine trees. The best time to go up the mountain behind the town where she lived was at twilight when the space beneath the trees was illuminated by the light of the setting sun. It was magical. Freya loved to leave the mountain path at twilight and walk into the magic space beneath the trees – to see the beauty there, and to feel the peace.

Early one evening, Freya sat on a moss-covered rock beneath the tall pine trees and wondered how it was that she could sit in a magical place up in the mountain when life in the town below was noisy, fast-paced and stressful.

Suddenly, a beautiful-looking elf appeared before Freya. Freya was startled. She jumped up in surprise. She blinked once, and then blinked a second time. She had never seen an elf before, except in fairy tale books when she was small.

“Don’t be frightened,” said the elf. “I’m here to guide you. Is there something you are wondering about?”

Freya sat down on the rock again, and said to the elf,

“I was wondering how it is possible that I can sit here in this magical place in the mountain, while in the town below life is noisy, fast-paced and stressful.”

Then Freya asked the elf,
“What is the nature of reality?”

The elf smiled and said in a gentle voice,
“Reality is that which sees but cannot be seen, and knows but doesn’t think.”

Freya looked at the elf for a few minutes, and allowed the elf’s words to settle deep within her. Finally, Freya nodded. She didn’t want to think, and she didn’t want to speak. She wanted to remain in the magical place that she could feel inside her.

The elf vanished as quietly as he had come.

Freya sat on the moss-covered rock, not looking but seeing and not thinking but knowing. Her blue eyes shone brightly, and a smile rose from the depths of her being and lit up her beautiful face.

She was very grateful.

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7 Responses to “YourStory: Freya and the Nature of Reality”

  1. Ola says:

    “She didn’t want to think, and she didn’t want to speak. She wanted to remain in the magical place that she could feel inside her.” That evoked such a powerful sensation in me. I’ve been in that place before but could never put it into words. Those 2 sentences captured it so simply yet so perfectly. I loved this story! The fusion of fanasty and reality; a young girl’s connection to nature, and her contemplation of reality/life… I’d enjoy reading more of the same!

    • gabrielle says:

      Dear Ola, it makes me happy to know that you liked my story about Freya, and that you can relate to it personally:) The story is based on my own experiences, which I’ve written about in my soon to be published book, A Return to My Soul:)

      When I wrote the story about Freya, I thought that this might be the beginning of a book about her:) Thank you so much for your encouragement!

      Warm wishes,
      Gabrielle Holmefjord:)

  2. Becca Hanna says:

    I will be sharing this with my kids’ yoga class. So magical and lovely. Thank you!

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