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Freya and the Nature of Reality Part 2

Forrest 3An ongoing story by Gabrielle Holmefjord.

Freya is Disheartened.

Freya shuddered a little as she felt the cool air settle around her. The sun was disappearing in the distance, and the evening was becoming dark.

She had been sitting on the moss-covered rock under the tall pine trees high up in the mountain for a long time now.

She didn’t know how long she had been there. She had lost all track of time. It felt like an age. It must have been several hours, at least.

Freya felt a deep peace within her, a peace that seemed to include the trees and the rocks and the ground and the sky. This peace was so beautiful that Freya didn’t want to move. She wanted to stay in this magical place forever.

But Freya knew she had to go home. Her mother didn’t know where she was, and would be worried about her. Freya also had to eat dinner, and do her homework.

“Homework,”thought Freya. “No!” The last thing she felt like doing right now was homework.

She thought of the elf she had met earlier that afternoon, of the question she had asked the elf about the nature of reality, and of the answer the elf had given her:

“Reality is that which sees but cannot be seen, and knows but doesn’t think.”

Freya knew the elf had given her something very valuable, a gem, a treasure. A piece of knowledge far more important, far grander than anything she could learn by doing homework.

Freya understood, too, that while she had been sitting on the moss-covered rock, beneath the tall pine trees, she had become that piece of knowledge.

She was the reality that sees but cannot be seen, and knows but doesn’t think.

Freya knew she was that reality because of the peace and the beauty that filled her and the world around her.

But now, thinking about the elf and about his words, and about her experience, Freya discovered that the peace and the beauty were gone. They weren’t there any more. They had vanished into thin air.

“How could the peace and the beauty be gone?” Freya wondered sadly. “Where did they go?”

She sat quietly, waiting, hoping against hope that the peace and the beauty that had filled her only minutes before would return, but nothing happened.

It seemed that the peace and the beauty were gone forever.

Disheartened, Freya stood up. She looked around at the trees, as if bidding them goodnight, and walked back to the main path.

From there, she walked down the mountain to the bustling town below.

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Have you experienced deep inner peace and beauty, only to find it disappear, without you knowing why?

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