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Free Your Self Love and Be What You Are meant To Be!

Hi, It’s Medea.
I have been thinking about you.
I know you are like so many people I have been talking to lately…you want to grow, live more consciously and from an empowered place within you. You want to feel more confident, making the right decisions that come from your truth and intuition, experiencing more love, harmony, alignment and partnership in your intimate relationships.

Are you feeling like bursting out and shouting: “I want to GROW, be happy and fulfilled NOW!

Maybe you can relate to this, too?

My client is feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and helpless about a conflict he is experiencing in his relationship with his wife. Can you relate to this experience?

Hope and clarity comes to him as he focuses on how he is showing up in the relationship, and what he is doing that contributed to the conflict. He feels more empowered as he becomes aware of what he is “contributing” the conflict; he cannot change his wife…but he can change himself as long as he is clear what it is he needs to change in himself!!!

My client is feeling more connected and excited about the possibilities as he himself discovers the deep obstacles (limiting beliefs and patters) within. He not only realizes that it is not about blaming and accusing, but rather, about discovering what in him are the blocks that are causing his pain; he discovers alternative and more productive ways to express his feelings and needs and to actualize his desires.

He feels more able to open his heart and “witness” the conflict from a deeper truth. The magic that he experiences when he is willing to do that is exciting and mind-blowing to him. Wow, he feels more liberated, empowered, happy, collaborative, inspired, peaceful and loving!!!
This internal shift opens the door for his wife to be more receptive and open. They are more naturally able to connect with each other from the core of their love, and are united in co-creating the beautiful relationship they both desire.

If you can relate to this…and if you’re ready to stop procrastinating and start taking clear actions towards your desires, then I have a solution to FREE you to move forward and be all that you are meant to be.

People at all levels of Personal Growth hit a wall and get stuck…

… so do what happy successful people do – Get Help!

I’m opening up 6 more spots to do a 30 minute free phone session,
“Free Your Self-Love and Be What You Are Meant To Be” with me.

The only thing is, with only 6 spots open, these sessions will be filled fast.
And to be considered you’ll need to apply right away/tomorrow, when you get the email.

In this Session You will Experience the highest expression of who you are right now. I’ll walk you through:

* See your vision clearly and what your best next step is
* Discover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from leaping to the next level
* Identify the patterns and “False Center Identity” that prevent you from evolving and showing up in your life from your Authentic Self
* The one simple step you can take immediately to accelerate your growth action and transform what keeps you ‘stuck’

Here’s how it works:

Very Simple: Contact me if you would like to take advantage of a FREE session!


Medea ♥

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