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~Celebrating The Truth We All Are~


It is not reaching beyond…it is emptying the heart of what is not actual.
Uncovering the unadulterated substance in its pure existence
Fire burning a continuous “YES”!
To dance a secret dance that becomes,
sacred as we enter The Field of never-ending Love.
To love and be loved requires releasing what in the Self is false!

To stand firmly,
Without fear,
Without doubt,
Without judgement,
In the forever “YES”…

In this expansiveness, the seeds of Truth blossom…most glorious creation.
To Know without knowing,
To be the essence of what is,
The Self that is continuously reborn
Bringing into Form what appears
invisible to the un-initiated heart.
Experiencing the joy that eludes those who
tenaciously succumb to what is unreal in this earthly realm.
The heart delights in the blessedness of ecstasy.
I kiss my Self,
This Self that has chosen well!

Medea Bavarella Chechik

Best Selling Author of: Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open

image artist Dorina Costras


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