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Medea Bavarella Chechik

Awake from the dream, or nightmare, you have been creating and perpetuating by your thoughts/beliefs, choices and repetitive actions that come from your false consciousness!

Choose to claim your own divine magnificence, your Soul/Source consciousness, and identify with that…no one can do it for you…you and only you must do it for yourself!

When you ask Source to support and guide you, go within, as Source is inside of you…the whole universe is inside of you…YOU ARE an expression of Source!

Be willing to face all you have been hiding from…what you consider unable-to-face.
The belief that it is wrong, bad, and dangerous is only an ego fantasy…it is not true!

Face your fears, it is the part of you who has been asleep…love that part of you and FORGIVE her/him …I bet the motivation behind it was your ignorance-acting from your unconsciousness. YOU ARE already forgiven in the eyes and heart of Divine Source-Benevolent, Loving, Infinite truth and vast…vast Light!

Blessings and l♥ve,

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