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About Herstory Evolves

The intention of HerStory Evolves project is:

1. To facilitate participants in understanding and differentiating between the false sense of self, and the authentic self that is connected to the deeper purpose of life.

2. Give rise to the true meaning or interpretation of our personal life versus the false sense of self that can only be derived when we access deeper purpose of life.

As women, we have a specific and significant role to play in the global evolution of consciousness. We are called to awaken and connect to the core essential self that is emerging through the Feminine Principle. The Feminine Principle follows the rhythms of the heart, meeting the challenges and sufferings of life with wisdom, love and compassion, and utilizes the transformative potential of life within to be a contribution to the natural evolution of the human species. Each of us can choose to grow and develop ourselves to view our challenges as an opportunity to transcend the barriers that have previously prevented us from being the driving force in the relationship with ourselves, with life and with others.

A little over 6 years ago, I endured what has become the most life-shattering experience of my existence, the death of my only son. Since then, I have been in the midst of a radical personal transformation. This transformation enabled me to shift from the old paradigm of my life-the old story of who I thought I was; to creating the “the new me” and experiencing the truth of myself much more clearly and deeply than ever before. It was as if my old self-identity died so that the truth at the core of my being can at last be visible, be experienced and be expressed

It is this personal transformation, and my new alliance with life, that has drawn me to the idea of “life story”. I am fascinated by the power we have in being the architects of our own life: transforming the old story in order to give birth to the truth of Being that has been wanting and needing to evolve in its highest manifestation.

I feel that In the sharing of my story, as an example of the power of personal transformation and evolution, will help inspire other women to tell their own stories of transformation.