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I totally stand for the vision and evolution when women are completely seen as equal…as men!
I also view this as a co-created pursuit! Women need to empower themselves, own their power and wisdom…and embody it! It is the empowered women who will teach, demonstrate and propagate the “new equality” by embodying it/Being it. It is time to stop asking for equality but realize no one can give it to us…no one has the power to give it to us…only we can give it to us! This power comes from awakening to the realization…we are already it!!!
Let’s rise to Be who we truly are, embody our Feminine Genius, Wisdom & Beauty!
Let us walk this gracious, magnificent, fertile and glorious Gaia, Terra, Mother Earth…
with intentional, purposeful, tenderly and with loving steps!
The Divine Feminine IS already HERE!!!
I bow to IT in mySelf and in ALL of YOU~women as well as men~

Infinite Love,
Medea 💜
Feminine Power Teacher
Relationship Expert

March 15-16

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