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A Gentle Gift From KaBooOm

423281_4964599830544_1367505894_nMy friend Kym Howe called me today from the Vet Emergency Clinic where her and her friend Louise were holding her precious little adorable kitten KabooOm, who had been there since last night very ill.

There was nothing else the Vet could do for KabooOm…she was ready to depart this world after her short but very loved life.

I knew very strongly I needed to be there with Kym to support her. As I was driving I wondered if I really was going to be ok emotionally. Since my son’s passing I have developed a “sensitivity” towards death and grief. I told myself that, yes, I was going to be ok because I really wanted to be there for my friend. I prayed for strength. I felt my son’s presence with me (as I do often) it felt as if he was reassuring me.

When I got there, my heart opened for little KabooOm and Kym. I had the same familiar experience of sadness AND incredible peace and love. All three of us prayed for KabooOm’s spirit, we gave thanks for her life and the blessings she brought to Kym, Fizz and Peaches. I felt my son’s loving presence again and I knew that everything was going to be fine…there was palpable calm, peace and, most of all, love.

As I was driving Louise and Kym home we realized that today was a gift for all of us. In the midst of loss, sadness and grief, there was also a very profound sense of love. It felt like a strong container supporting and holding all of us. For me it was an opportunity to test my trust in the power of love. I am very grateful for this lived experience.

Thank you Kym for trusting me…you are a very strong and courageous woman…your love runs deep. Thank you KabooOm for giving us such a gift! May you rest in divine peace!

I love you!


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