By Medea Bavarella Chechik
Are you a spiritual Heroine/Hero?

Over and over, life, as well as, the teachings and practices I actively practice daily, bring me to this same point: You are a spiritual Heroine/Hero if you are willing to stand and face any difficulty, challenge, crisis, adversity that make its way into your life with courage, compassion and Audacious Love! Remembering that the true function of breakdowns and challenges is to teach you something about yourself ~ for you to learn what the next lesson is on your path of Transformation and awakening…conscious evolution!

One of the essential purposes you, as humans, share in life, is to make conscious, understand, heal and so transform the limiting past.

Clearing the cobwebs accumulated by the effect and impact of the past on your consciousness, so you can fully uncover and reveal the richness and fullness of your potential within…the divine blueprint! Thereby, freeing the True and Unique Self to be the conscious co-creator, leader, and evolutionary pioneer of a pristine world, which reflects the highest human/divine qualities and potential!

YOU are the One who CAN do this…take a deep breath, accept and declare it to your Self!

YOU are human-human evolving into Sacred Human!

Align with your greatness and your power, let your brilliance be visible, and practice engaging others and the world from your most brilliant, powerful self, even if it does not feel that way at times, even if there’s another part of you that may be going through some personal struggle causing confusion, anxiety, or any fear/discomfort.

This is where the opportunity lies ~ this is the place where you can show up with your brilliance, your greatness and Love for your self, the self that is experiencing the personal struggle. This is where you can be present as a Loving and compassionate witness to your own pain. This is how where we Love ourselves audaciously, this is where we show up to be the witness, the helper, the caregiver and the Lover…for ourSelf!

As you discover, cultivate and embody your greatness and brilliance, and give it to yourself first, then it is possible for you to amplify the greatness and the brilliance that you will see in others. Imagine a world where, when we look into each other, we see the innocence, the magnificence, the greatness and the possibilities, that were never lost, just hidden…and now…we are remembering!!!

Don’t react with fear to what is disturbing you, look at it as an opportunity for your growth and evolution!

As I am consciously aware of the impulse of evolution active in me, I RECOGNIZE myself, who I am becoming:

I am enough as I am, I am exactly who I truly am and what I am here to realize: the Highest Divine expression manifested as Me.

I am awakening from the dream, I myself created (orchestrated by my Essence Self) in order to provide all the lessons I needed to evolve.

I am responsible for my growth, for how I perceive other people’s actions without judgment or assumption, I keep an open mind and heart and remember we are all here sharing a similar human journey!

We are all connected in the larger Resonant Field, we are all related in our humanity.

I keep on coming across how challenging it is for most of us to respond from truth and integrity~ to someone who may have wronged us. Most of us are desiring to be living our life from a more conscious, aware and loving prospective, yet, if we are attacked, especially unjustly, we, automatically, revert back to a more primal and immature reaction: we attack back…it is such a deep-rooted human stance, conditioned by thousand of years of living from the lower consciousness of ‘separation’ fear and victimization. Don’t feel discouraged, you are dealing with thousand of years of conditioning!

I am excited to let you know…there is hope! YOU can discover another, more evolved way of creating healthy and loving boundaries that include being true to yourself while remaining anchored in love, and an authentic caring of yourself and others…including others who may have done you wrong.

This is possible for those seeking liberation, fulfillment, self-mastery, living creatively and on purpose, experiencing self-love while making their greatest contribution to the world.

What are the choices you have when responding to feelings of having been wronged?

In my experience, for the last three decades, of having learned, taught and lived Transformative principles ~ I see there are two choices we have:

Respond from the consciousness (pattern, beliefs, assumptions and perceptions) of ‘small, separate self’….Or,

From the awakening, evolving/future Self you have been envisioned and becoming.

My choice is clear: I choose to act from the illumination and wisdom of my Self in Truth, who, is evolving to embody its Truth and Highest possibilities, values and inner knowing, I am learning to identify with and lead with. This Self is anchoring itself in the frequency of Truth, Empathy/Compassion and LOVE.



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image artist: Corina Costras