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Dearest Friends,
A Blessing for All,
By Medea Bavarella Chechik

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and go within.
Come into fullness with your Unique, precious Self.

Find your heart and rest your mind there.

Look at your creation ~ your life so far, and bless it all!
Remember what you have created so far has served you well!

Find the gifts and beauty in it…everything you have created has a gift for you, focus on this gift, not your ‘judgment’ of the experience.

Accept the unique version of your life…all of it, even the pain, as every pain is already ENCODED with the key for your liberation.
Go past the particulars of your story…dive deep into the deeper Purpose contained in your story…this Purpose will lead you to your Self, who already lives in the Truth of its Essence.

There is reason for gratitude…rest in this place of gratitude, expansiveness, peace and love.
Find the center of this frequency…find the stillness there…
Be in this stillness, feel yourself as the expansive Field of the Unique Self you are…relax here.

Allow yourself to surrender to this Expansiveness; nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to figure out here, neither strategies nor planning…here…just be!
Feel what it is like to experience this Being-ness.

Let your Being-ness inform you, guide you, Love you!
Allow Being-ness to hold you…to fill you…to nourish you….to illuminate you.
Be the stillness…you are it!

If you allow yourself to truly merge with the expansive stillness, slowly you will discover what it is that is for you to discover…your own unique expression of Divine Intent.
Everything you are, everything you are becoming, and everything you need comes from there.

You are deeply loved and you are a precious creation!

I honor Being-ness of Source in YOU!


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