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DO NOT FEAR is the current commandment!!!

Dear Friends,

DO NOT FEAR is the current commandment!!!
Are you aware what your FEAR quotient is?
Know, LOVE is the antidote to fear!
By Medea Bavarella Chechik
One of the aspect of our self, which is firmly embedded in our consciousness, and it is imperative to transform, both personally and collectively is: Fear!

If you  happen to feel you do not have power over the current, external global events, know that you have all the power in the world to CHOOSE what your position/response to these events will be!
What regulates the ability, clarity and effectiveness of your response is sourced by the degree of fear you are experiencing! If you entertain fear, you are, actually, contribute to more fear in the Resonant Field. If you, instead, consciously choose not to give-in the fear and align yourself with the frequency of love ~ within you, you are contributing to co-creating a new possibility/the answer that is awaiting to be actualized.

DO NOT FEAR is the current commandment!!!

Evolution is pointing to the realization that power, as we have known it through the thousand years of human history is shifting ~ Shifting of Power and Shifting of Authority ~ We are inside of a global phenomenon, our views and perceptions of ourselves and the world are changing as we each, individually, are changing. We are called to step up and take our power ~ our true power that we intercede with as we realize our truth: we are here to evolve love in ourselves, as ourselves and in the world ~ we are the ones to save ourselves and the world!

Power and Authority are shifting from being controlled by a few, to being awakened in the hart of every single human being:

WE, collectively, are the new power!

This can only happen when the consciousness of  “WE” is united and shares the same intention: to evolve LOVE and higher purpose in the world.

Therefore, do not fear what is happening.
Do not respond in the old way, by feeling victimized, as this may be part of the destabilization intent by those wanting power just for themselves: old paradigm.
Fill yourself with Love, know Love is the only true power and it is already seeded within the depth of Being within.

YOU are powerful beyond measure…view this from a higher, more expanded/larger prospective, you will see it.
Do not diminish yourself as this is not your truth, it is just your learned, limited prospective you accepted as truth…when you were unaware.
Change this prospective ~ do whatever it takes to find this truth.

We are, collectively, in the process of maturing ourselves from a “young consciousness’ to a more developed and evolved consciousness anchored in truth.
The world needs you to wake up and take on your task of being responsible for your own liberation ~ if we all do this, no one and no thing can stop the ONE Mind and ONE Heart of humanity to, collectively, create beauty, inclusiveness, peace, connectedness and love!

The outer world is a reflection of our inner reality, as we evolve ourselves and practice being the leaders of our own Transformative life process, we are, also, practicing being the new leaders in the world. This latter part can only happen when we collectively come to the realization: we can only create changes in the world as a Unified Force ~ one united consciousness made up of the individual sum all people (or as many people as possible.)

The current world events are creating havoc in our inner configuration,, as well as, in the outer world, itself. The natural consequence: chaos creates fear within those effected. This can be used as a tactic by those who are creating chaos.

Fear is not static or permanent , it is a step in the process of awakening and evolving.  The true purpose of fear, seen from an evolutionary prospective, is to inform us “something is not right.” We can, either, allow this to stop us, if our belief about ourselves is that we have no power, we are defenceless and diminished ~ or, we can connect with our inner truth, clarity, courage and love, and allow fear to inspire/empower us to stand up and take charge. What can I do, or who can I be in the face of this fear…is the question.

During a very powerful Shamanic Healing Journey, I share while back, I received a very clear and illuminating message: The greatest weapon anyone Not in alignment with the energies of unity, goodness, inclusiveness, peace and love for ALL sentient beings, has at their disposal is:

F E A R!

What is most damaging as a results of “intentional acts of terror” is the FEAR that they disseminate in the mind and heart of those effected by them directly, as well as, those who witness from afar. Weather we believe this is intentional or not, we do not have to succumb to this fear!

The second part of the message was that F E A R, as powerfully damaging as it is, it is NOT as powerful as the universal energy of L O V E!!!
Love and Light, which exist within the heart and soul of every living creature is the ANTIDOTE to weapons that propagate FEAR!
LOVE and LIGHT, seeds of divine DNA are inherent within every human’s heart and soul…know this is who YOU are…these are the power, albeit, still dormant within your cellular memory.
Awaken these powers, know, cultivate, integrate them…and then use them when needed!

We are NOT powerless!!!

I activate the power of LOVE and LIGHT within me, may YOU activate the power of LIGHT and LOVE within your heart and soul.
May this Light and Love become a magnet that attracts and awakens the energy of Love collectively ~ the Resonant Field…spreading like a majestic fire that sweeps throughout…healing, soothing, cleansing, comforting, transforming…and restoring what’s true and good in the mind, heart and soul of all who are open to it!
May this LIGHT and LOVE reach the heart and soul of those being effected.

May the injured be healed and comforted!
Beyond all doubts,
Beyond all fear,
Beyond anger, discord, confusion, self- righteousness, blame, judgment, hate,
Beyond that…there is only and absolute L O V E!

Medea 💜

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