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The Virtual Sanctuary Project

Tell your story of trauma and grief to catalyze your transformation from victim to empowered co-creator!

You’re invited to submit YourStory of transformation while sharing your supportive response to other women’s stories.

Image by Dorina Costras


Unleash The Power of  Your Core Self to Be the Impetus and Leader of  Your Evolution

As conscious human beings we can be the leaders in our own evolution, choosing to co-create our growth and development in partnership with the creative and intelligent force of life. Our life itself is the means for actualizing this!

In order to evolve our consciousness and contribute to the evolution of the consciousness of the world, we need to transform the emotional, psychological as well as culturally inherited habits that have formed as a result of our life events and circumstances, and the meaning given to these. It is only then that the true meaning of our life and the highest expression of our true self can emerge.

I am actively and consciously participating in my own evolution, and contributing the experiences of my profound identity self-transformation for the uplifting of others and the world. The impetus that accelerated my self-transformation was the most devastating event of my life.

I extend an invitation to other women to share their story of grief and trauma from the perspective of how the story served their transformation. In sharing our story, we inspire and contribute to each other in becoming self-realized women of wisdom and power.

A video of one of my Transformational Poems, EARTH WOMAN, written as the result of the profound transformation I have experienced after my son’s passing.

An inspiring film by Ram Dass – Fierce Grace.